Boarder Information
Boarder Information
Student Id 340294
Registration Type Renewal
Joining Date:  20-06-2016
Admission No 1270
Student Name Velamarti Shruti
Date Of Birth 17-01-2004
Gender Female
Height 154
Weight 27
Blood Group -
Identification Marks 1.A MOLE ON THE RT CHEEK
Mother / Father /Guardian Name Velamarti Anil Kumar
Caste & Sub Caste SC  Madiga
Children Category Normal
Mother / Father / Guardian occupation COOLI
Annual Income 15000
District KRISHNA Mandal/Municipality AGIRIPALLI
Village/Ward KALATURU
Care Of- Building-
Street- Land Mark-
Locality- Pin Code521211
Ration Card Number WAP062201300255
ArogyaSri Card Number -
Enrolment Number // Date: // ::
School & Class where Student studied previous year 0622009-M.P.Primary School     Class:8
School & Class where Student studying present year 0622021-M.P.Primary School     Class:9
Distance between Student's house and Hostel (in K.M.s) 20
Last Year Annual Examination Result Pass
Last Year Annual Examination Percentage 45
Achievements in Extracurricular activities NO
Is the Student Physically Challenged NO
Is the Caste Certificate verified by the School Head Master :    YES
Is the Income Certificate verified by the Village Revenue Officer/Gazetted Officer :    YES
Are the above details verified by the Hostel Welfare Office :    YES
The above details are verified according to the rules and regulations of Government policies and the application form of applicant is accepted/rejected :    YES

Item Details Issued to the Boarders in the Hostel

Item Name Issued(Yes/No) Issue Date
Glass NO -
Plate NO -
Trunk YES 20-06-2016
Blanket YES 30-06-2016
Uniform YES
Uniform Pair 1 YES 16-08-2016
Uniform Pair 2 YES 16-08-2016
Uniform Pair 3 YES 01-09-2016
Uniform Pair 4 YES 01-09-2016
Text Books YES 30-06-2016
Note Books YES 30-07-2016