Boarder Information
Boarder Information
Student Id 110315
Registration Type Renewal
Joining Date:  01-07-2016
Admission No 276
Student Name N Kamakshi
Date Of Birth 10-06-1999
Gender Female
Height 155
Weight 42
Blood Group -
Identification Marks 1.A mole on the right leg
2.A mole on the neck
Mother / Father /Guardian Name N Nagaraja
Caste & Sub Caste SC  Madiga
Children Category Normal
Mother / Father / Guardian occupation cooli
Annual Income 10000
District CHITTOOR Mandal/Municipality GUDUPALLE
Care Of- Building-
Street- Land Mark-
Locality- Pin Code517424
Ration Card Number WAP106502100041
ArogyaSri Card Number -
Enrolment Number // Date: // ::
School & Class where Student studied previous year 1063323-M.P.U.P School     Class:9
School & Class where Student studying present year 1064604-Z.P.High School     Class:10
Distance between Student's house and Hostel (in K.M.s) 28
Last Year Annual Examination Result Pass
Last Year Annual Examination Percentage 46
Achievements in Extracurricular activities -
Is the Student Physically Challenged NO
Is the Caste Certificate verified by the School Head Master :    YES
Is the Income Certificate verified by the Village Revenue Officer/Gazetted Officer :    YES
Are the above details verified by the Hostel Welfare Office :    YES
The above details are verified according to the rules and regulations of Government policies and the application form of applicant is accepted/rejected :    YES

Item Details Issued to the Boarders in the Hostel

Item Name Issued(Yes/No) Issue Date
Glass YES 01-07-2016
Plate YES 01-07-2016
Trunk YES 01-07-2016
Blanket YES 01-07-2016
Uniform YES
Uniform Pair 1 YES 01-07-2016
Uniform Pair 2 YES 01-07-2016
Uniform Pair 3 YES 01-07-2016
Uniform Pair 4 YES 01-07-2016
Text Books YES 01-07-2016
Note Books YES 01-07-2016