Hostel Information

Institutional Information

Hostel Code 03092402006
Name of the Hostel SWBH MOOLAPETA
Category of Hostel General
Type of Hostel Boys Hostel
Address opp.Z.P.H.School,Moolapeta Uppada
Mandal / Muncipality U.KOTHAPALLI
Village / Ward UPPADA
Assembly Constituency Pithapuram
Parliament Constituency Kakinada
Phone No 9951956720
DDO Code 0309-2402-006


Building Status Government
Type of Building RCC Roof
No. of Bath Rooms Available 5
No. of Toilets Available 12
No. of Toilets in Working Conditions 12
Drinking Water Source BoreWell
Mode of Water Storage Sintex
Whether rain water
Harvesting system is available
No. of Living Rooms 3
S.No Length Breadth
1 40 16
2 20 16
3 21 16
Cooking System Gas
No. of Stoves Available 1
Gas Connection HP
Service No 622635
Gas Agency Name Sri Venkat satya Agency, Pithapuram
No. of Gas Cylinders Available 5
Dininig Hall (Size in Sqft.) 300
Store Room(Size in Sqft.) 150
Office Room(Size in Sqft.) 150
Play Ground(Size in Sqft.) 0
Compound Wall No
Gate No
Kitchen Garden Yes
Drainage Facility Open Drain
Electricity Connection Yes
Electricity Service No. 000180
Latitude 17.11303
Longitude 82.35570

Staff in the Hostel

S.No Employee Designation Employee ID Employee Name Qualification
1 HWO 0357372 setti Yerranna B.A.
2 HWO 0310531 M K V N REDDY inter t t c
3 Kamati 0303042 Madaka Satyanarayana 9TH
4 Watchman 0368400 ALAPATI JOJIMARY 5

Mapped Schools to the Hostel

S.No School Code School Name Management Name Distance From Hostel
(in Kms)
1 0422021 M.P.Primary School Mandal Parishad/Zilla Parishad 0
2 0422603 Z.P.High School Mandal Parishad/Zilla Parishad 0
3 0422021 M.P.Primary School Mandal Parishad/Zilla Parishad 0
4 0422603 Z.P.High School Mandal Parishad/Zilla Parishad 0

F.P.Shop to the Hostel

Shop Name Shop Code Address Shop Type Authorization No Authorization Validity Contact No
S.Apparao 26 GOLLAPETA, MOOLAPETA Permanent 26/UKTP/2009 2009-03-31 9492167307